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If you have COPD, you are not alone. 65 million people suffer from COPD worldwide. Research efforts have gradually improved treatment outcomes. Inhalers effectively reduce the number of sudden worsening of COPD symptoms (acute exacerbations) and help to better preserve your lung function. The question remains: how do you experience this as a patient?

CICERO is an international group of COPD researchers. Together with the patient organisation network of the European Lung Foundation (ELF), we want to involve patients in COPD research.

How does COPD affect your daily life? There are a lot of questionnaires that exist to assess this. However, some of these questionnaires are long, contain difficult questions, and are unpleasant to use. Together with you, we want to select the best tool to measure the impact of COPD on your daily life.

How stressful is the treatment and follow-up of your COPD? Maybe you have been hospitalised many times. You might struggle with a complex medication schedule. Your doctor may have asked you to do repeated lung function tests, scans, walking tests, etc. While this is all with the best intention, it can be very tiring when you are short of breath. Together with you, we want to see how we can improve your comfort during these experiences.

As a first step, CICERO has developed a survey together with ELF. Complete the survey to

Tell us which questionnaires you find easiest to use

It is important to assess how COPD affects your daily life. Questionnaires that have been developed to do this are sometimes long and difficult. Tell us which questionnaires you like best, so that we can promote them for future COPD research.

Tell us how we can improve your COPD care

Due to your COPD, you frequently visit medical professionals, undergo tiring investigations (lung function tests, scans, walking tests etc.) or you may have already been admitted to the hospital. Tell us how we can improve your comfort during these experiences.

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