Helping to shape the future of childhood bronchiectasis: a summary of two surveys

A European Respiratory Society (ERS) Task Force launched two surveys to help shape the future of childhood bronchiectasis. We can now share the preliminary results of the surveys with you.

The Task Force has developed a clinical practice guideline for managing children and adolescents with bronchiectasis, which is due to be published in 2021. Members of the ELF childhood bronchiectasis parent/patient advisory group and clinicians working in the ERS Task Force helped to develop and finalise the two surveys.

Parents of children with bronchiectasis and adults who had bronchiectasis as a child completed the first survey, which aimed to find out the most important areas that clinicians should focus on. The purpose of this survey was to provide answers to the challenges of treating and looking after children with bronchiectasis from the patients’ perspective. Healthcare professionals completed the second survey, which asked them to rate the importance of a number of research questions.

A summary of the results from both surveys is now available.

We thank everyone who kindly responded to these surveys. The full data will be available soon.

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