China’s air pollution blamed for eight-year-old’s lung cancer

China's youngest-ever lung cancer patient is diagnosed with doctors blaming her condition on air pollution.

Beijing’s air pollution has been blamed for causing lung cancer in an eight-year-old girl – the youngest person in China to have the condition.  

The girl, who has not been named, lives near a busy road in the eastern province of Jiangsu and doctors blame exposure to air pollution for her condition, according to state newspapers in the country.

The coming weeks are likely to see thick smog envelope cities across China as winter approaches and coal-fuelled power stations start to come into action

Already the problems are being felt. In late October, toxic smog brought Harbin, a city of more than 11 million people in northeastern China, to a virtual standstill – closing schools and roads and grounding aircraft.

State media reported that two special research teams – one military, one civilian – had been set up to find a solution.

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