Factsheets for people hospitalised for COVID-19

We have produced a factsheet for people going to hospital with COVID-19 to explain what will happen. We have also produced one for families and friends of patients going to hospital.

ELF was recently approached by Dr Sabrina Bajwah (Clinical Senior Lecturer, King’s College London) to develop a factsheet for people who have been admitted to hospital to help manage their symptoms of COVID-19. The factsheet is to accompany an Editorial in the European Respiratory Society Journal (ERJ). Two versions of the factsheet have been produced – one directly for the patient and one for family and friends of the patient.

The factsheet explains what will happen once a person goes into hospital, how their symptoms will be managed and what will happen if they get put on a ventilator. The factsheet also explains the issues around contact and communication. This leaflet was drafted as part of an ERJ editorial highlighting the supportive care needs of COVID-19 patients.

We encourage people going into hospital and their family and friends to download these factsheets to understand more about what might happen. We also invite doctors to download these factsheets and add local support services in their hospitals.

COVID-19 is affecting people from all over the world and appears to be having a worse impact on people from black and minority ethnic groups. Because of this, it is important that the information is accessible to as many people as possible. Thanks to many kind volunteers, the factsheet is available in a wide range of languages.

Download the factsheet for patients in: EnglishChineseFrenchGermanGreekGujratiJapanesePortuguesePunjabiUkrainianUrdu

Download the factsheet for families/friends in: EnglishChineseFrenchGermanGreekGujratiJapanesePortuguesePunjabiUkrainianUrdu

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