Flying with medical oxygen? Use the newly updated ELF Airline Index before booking

The ELF Airline Index records the policies and contact details of over 150 airlines that fly to European destinations.

Organising travel can be difficult for people who need to use medical oxygen on flights. One of the biggest challenges is finding and meeting the requirements set out in the airline’s medical oxygen policy. These policies can vary greatly between airlines, and are often difficult to access.

The ELF Airline Index is an essential resource that records policies and contact details of 152 airlines that fly to European destinations. In July this year, ELF carried out a major update of this online tool, which included removing airlines that no longer fly to European destinations, updating airline policies and contact details, and adding new airlines that operate in Europe.

You can search the index by letter to find a specific airline. Records contain information about:

  • Whether the airline allows passengers to use their own oxygen devices on board
  • Whether the airline provides oxygen on board, and any fees charged for this service
  • The types of oxygen support devices that the airline allows
  • Rules about batteries for oxygen devices, including portable oxygen concentrators
  • Restrictions the airline has per person for medical oxygen
  • Information that the airlines requires on the passenger’s medical certificate
  • Any other paperwork required by the airline
  • The airline’s contact details, including social media where available.

ELF will continue to update the Airline Index on an ongoing basis. If you come across a newly updated airline policy, or if you have difficulty with any airline in particular, please let us know.

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