ELF at the International Primary Care Respiratory Group conference

Last month, we participated in the 8th World Conference of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group in Amsterdam.

Last month, we participated in the 8th World Conference of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) in Amsterdam. ELF was present at the Conference with a dedicated Healthy Lungs for Life stand.

During the conference, we gave out t-shirts and pedometers as well as information and materials focused on the current theme of the campaign, ’Take the active option‘. Material provided during the 4-day conference was specifically targeted to primary care physicians and their patients.

Find out more about the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign.

The conference also featured specific sessions on two EU-funded projects we are a part of: FRESHAIR and U-BIOPRED.


FRESHAIR is a project to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic lung conditions where resources are limited.

IPCRG hosted a plenary session titled “IPCRG FRESH AIR Movement: Working locally, collaborating globally” on reducing exposure to indoor air pollution.

Dr Frederik van Gemert of the University of Groningen talked about FRESH AIR activities in Uganda, describing how rates of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are growing and the importance of early prevention.

Professor Talant Sooronbaev’s research team gave a presentation on Kyrgyzstan, where the project is tackling one of the highest death rates from lung conditions. COPD rates are highest in the highlands and in rural areas. Risk factors for lung conditions include tobacco smoking and indoor air pollution.


U-BIOPRED (Unbiased BIOmarkers in PREDiction of respiratory disease outcomes) is a research project supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative. The project has used information and samples from adults and children to learn more about different types of asthma to ensure better diagnosis and treatment for each person.

U-BIOPRED achievements were presented by Professor Peter Sterk, U-BIOPRED project coordinator, at a session on personalised medicine in primary care. Professor Sterk gave a talk on new research methods to translate findings from lab to bedside.

Breda Flood and Juliette Kamphuis, members of the U-BIOPRED Patient Input Platform (PIP), were also there to give their perspectives on the project and the lung conditions it tackles. PIP has recently produced recommendations for meaningful patient engagement in research. The booklet provides guidance and recommendations for patients’ involvement in EU research projects using case studies from the U-BIOPRED project.

Download the booklet “A short guide to successful patient involvement in EU-funded research” .

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