ERS Congress overview: feedback from committee meetings

As every year at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress we used the opportunity of many patients and patient organisations being present in Paris to hold several key meetings.

ELF Patient Advisory Committee

The ELF Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) was incredibly well attended – with members of the committee meeting with other network members. The large number of participants made for some very active discussions, which were great, but meant the meeting ran well over time. Next year this may mean that the meeting will need to be restricted to PAC members only to allow more debate.

ELF International Patient Advisory Committee

The International PAC held an informal meeting in Paris – and it was wonderful to see friends from across the globe discussing their activities that have a global interest and impact. As ever, air quality came high on the agenda, as did World Lung Day.

We would like to encourage all international patient organisations to get in touch if they plan to attend next year’s Congress in Madrid so we can keep you informed of our plans.


Finally, the ERN-LUNG ePAG met with the core network leads. This meeting looked at how patients and professionals were working together in the ERN-LUNG, and at the aspirations that the patient organisations have for the network. As relationships strengthen throughout the network, it is hoped that we can start to see some real steps forward.

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