Future plans for the European Research Collaboration for Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease (ChILDEU)

Recent work and future plans of ChILD researchers are summarised in a recent article, published in the European Respiratory Journal.

A group of researchers came together in April 2016 to work together on Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease (ChILD), a group of over 200 rare lung conditions affecting the tissue and space around air sacs in the lungs. Their past work and future plans are summarised in a recent article, published in the European Respiratory Journal.

This group, known as the ChILDEU research collaboration, has achieved many of its goals so far. For example, they have created an international dataset that researchers can use to investigate ChILD, held webinars for doctors to help improve diagnosis and management, and supported clinical trials. The group has also worked with ELF to help us to develop a parent and patient group, leading to the creation of the Patient Priorities website on ChILD.

In the future, ChILDEU aims to make it easier for doctors to identify cases of Interstitial lung disease in children. The group plans to do this through educating and engaging doctors and empowering parents of children affected by ChILD. They plan to hold a meeting in June this year based on these aims.

ChILDEU also plans to work together with other groups to understand the role that genes play in interstitial lung diseases. This could help researchers to identify new treatments in the future, and ultimately help children and families affected by ChILD.

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