Healthy Lungs for Life – new themes and a fresh start!

The Healthy Lungs for Life (HLFL) campaign now includes four important lung health themes

The Healthy Lungs for Life (HLFL) campaign will be re-launched this year in Madrid, to coincide with the ERS Congress. This year the campaign will promote four important topics, each of which is crucial for lung health.

  • Stopping smoking. Stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do to improve your lung and overall health. People who stop smoking experience health benefits in as little as 24 hours, and can add years to their lifespan
  • Air quality. Poorair quality affects everyone, and it can be particularly damaging for people with lung conditions, children and elderly people.
  • Physical activity. Healthy Lungs for Life encourages people to take the active option wherever possible. Physical activity can improve quality of life for everyone, including people with lung conditions.
  • Vaccination. Getting vaccinated can protect people from lots of different diseases, including lung diseases. Talk to your doctor to find out what vaccines are right for you and those close to you.

As part of the campaign, you can hold your own event at any time. Healthy Lungs for Life events can include lung function tests (spirometry) and/or information and activities related to the campaign themes above. For more information, visit the HLFL website, or email

Public events, Madrid

This year, ELF and ERS will be holding a public HLFL event outside Nuevos Ministerios station in Madrid (27-28 September). Everyone is welcome, and visitors will be invited to have their lung function tested and learn about protecting their lungs. The event will be open from 11:00 to 20:30 on both days, with lots of interesting activities and games for children and adults.

We will also be holding a ‘Meet the Expert’ session on 30 September, 16:30 – 18:30, at the Ministry of Health. Experts from Spanish organisation SEPAR will be present to discuss (in Spanish) the four HLFL topics and how we can better protect our lung health. This session is open to anyone, and refreshments will be provided. It has been organized with the support of our Spanish HLFL partners: SEPARPacientes, FENAER and Lovexair.


Visit the HLFL public event website for more details in Spanish

Download HLFL infographics on stopping smoking, air quality and vaccination

Visit the HLFL website

Find out how to hold your own HLFL event

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