IPF World Week underlines the need for integrated approach towards idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Advocates for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) aim to strengthen the network of people working to support patients, as part of IPF World Week.

Advocates for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) are calling for an integrated approach to strengthen the network of people working to support patients, as part of IPF World Week. 

The campaign theme of the awareness week, which was founded two years ago, is ‘Breath of Hope’. The aim is to lessen patients’ isolation and fear by demonstrating that there is a growing community of support.

Approximately 30,000-35,000 new patients will be diagnosed with IPF in the 28 EU countries each year.  The disease typically occurs in adults and is more common in men than women.

In Europe, around one hundred initiatives will take place in IPF centres of excellence, which will involve IPF experts, patients and wider communities. 

Rosalba Mele, President of Ama Fuoridalbuio, one of the most active IPF patient associations in Europe, said: “IPF is a serious and rare illness and by being a rare and poorly understood disease, patients often feel secluded and alone. There is a European network of IPF patient advocacy groups working to support patients and their families. This year, images representing the ‘Breath of Hope’ campaign were selected by European, American and Canadian IPF associations through an international public photo and video competition. The two winning images represent support across generations, using soap bubbles as the symbol chosen to promote IPF awareness.

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ELF are currently involved in an project working with IPF patient organisations across Europe to review the latest guidelines on the diagnosis and management of IPF. Find out more about this and other ELF/ERS Task Forces.

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