New tool will allow people to manage their asthma using a mobile phone

A team of researchers has been granted over €4.5 million to develop a new tool to help people with asthma to manage their condition.

A team of researchers in Europe has been granted over €4.5 million of EU funding to develop a new tool to help people with asthma to independently monitor and manage their condition.

The myAirCoach project aims to use mobile technology to create a tool that can sense, model and analyse the different factors that can affect people with asthma and cause flare-ups of their condition.

The tool will be personalised to each individual user, and will give them immediate feedback on how they can best manage their asthma.

The project will run for 3 years and will bring together researchers and industry professionals with patient organisations to make sure that the views and needs of people living with asthma are included in the end product.

The developers of the tool hope that it will help to improve the lives of people with asthma on a day to day basis, and that it will encourage them to independently manage their condition more effectively.

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