Patient speakers at ERS Congress 2019

ELF invites people with lung conditions to speak at ERS Congress 2019 via video.

Each year, ELF helps people with lung conditions to speak at the ERS Congress, to share experiences and viewpoints with researchers and clinicians from across the world.

This year, ELF is introducing a new option for people with lung conditions who might not be able to speak in person at the Congress. People will be able to submit a video, which will be shown to delegates in a session with subtitles. In this way more people will be able to contribute, including people who do not speak English (videos will be subtitled in English), those who are not well enough to travel, and people with caring or other responsibilities that make it difficult to travel.

ELF is currently looking for people who could contribute to the following sessions:             

  • Parents/children with non-invasive ventilation
  • Immunodeficiencies and lung conditions
  • Patients or carers who would be happy to speak about care planning for later stage COPD                  

Videos can be filmed simply and easily on a smart phone or camera and only need to be 5–10 minutes long. ELF can offer advice on producing videos, and will do the editing and add subtitles.

If you would like to talk to someone about speaking at this year’s Congress via video, send an email with your name, primary language, and the condition you would be able to speak about to and a member of staff will be in contact.

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