Research finds a link between asthma and lower bone density

A new piece of research suggests that people with asthma could be at a higher risk of lower bone density.

According to a new piece of research, people with asthma-related breathing problems could be at a higher risk of bone loss. 

Researchers from the study, published in the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, went through the medical records of over 7,000 adults in Seoul, Korea.

The researchers found that  people who  experience a particular symptom of asthma, in which the airways of the lungs are particularly sensitive, had a lower bone density in an area of their spine between the ribs and the pelvis than those without.

However, those with the symptom were, on average, within the normal range for overall bone density.

The researchers were also unable to identify whether the asthma symptoms or bone loss came first, or pinpoint what linked the two.

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