Revamped and expanded European Patient Ambassador Programme launched

On 1 June, we launched the improved and updated European Patient Ambassador Programme and its new website.

On 1 June, we launched the improved and updated European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) and its new website.

The programme was updated following feedback from ambassadors and a review process driven by the EPAP Patient Advisory Group. We changed and updated the some of the module content, making it easier to use, and we have added a new module, ‘Participating in Healthcare Conferences’.

The new website includes a wealth of information for people interested in patient representation, including opportunities for getting involved, patient blogs and additional resources to complement the content of EPAP. Look out for new information from our patient ambassadors about opportunities they have been involved with since completing EPAP.

So far we have had some excellent feedback from our ambassadors who have previously completed the programme, who welcomed and enjoyed both the update and the new module, as well as the new website.

We are currently working with our partners in the Netherlands, PGO Support, to have EPAP translated into Dutch, with more languages planned. We hope to reach more people across Europe who would like to get involved in patient representation and research.

For further information visit the EPAP website or email

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