Tell us about your experiences of travelling by air with oxygen

We want to gather the experiences of people who have experienced using oxygen when travelling by plane in a new online survey.

When you live with a lung condition, travelling by air with oxygen can unfortunately be quite difficult, with different airlines having different rules and procedures.

We want to gather the experiences of people who need oxygen when travelling by plane in a new online survey.

The survey is part of a project we are working on with the European Respiratory Society (ERS) to try to make the process easier for people flying with oxygen. We are going to bring together people with lung conditions and healthcare professionals with all of the relevant stakeholders involved in air travel and oxygen to try and improve the process.

The survey aims to find out more about the obstacles and challenges you may have had when flying, and to gather your suggestions for ways to improve the situation. The results will be included in a workshop involving people with lung conditions, healthcare professionals and the travel industry at the ERS International Congress 2016 in London in September.

The survey is open until Friday 19 August, 2016. It is available in nine languages. Contact Irene Ferrario if you would like any more information.

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Remember, you can also check our Airline Index, which is an air travel database providing guidance to patients on airlines’ oxygen policies for passengers.

Are you a healthcare professional?                                     

We also have a survey for primary and secondary care professionals who assess people with lung conditions to see if they are fit to travel by plane.

If you are a healthcare professional involved in these kinds of assessments, please fill in the survey and tell us about your needs and any difficulties you experience.

Fill in the survey. 

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