U-BIOPRED patient input platform publishes guide to patient involvement in EU-funded research

The patient involvement platform (PIP) of the U-BIOPRED project has published a booklet, “A short guide to successful patient involvement in EU-funded research”.

In April, the patient involvement platform (PIP) of the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project, U-BIOPRED, published a booklet, “A short guide to successful patient involvement in EU-funded research”.

The booklet provides advice on how to involve patients across all stages of healthcare research. It is aimed at people writing applications for European Union (EU) healthcare research projects, or who have had a proposal funded and are developing the project. The tips within the booklet were selected by the PIP based on their experience within the U-BIOPRED project.

Presentation at IMI workshop

Since it was published, the booklet has been showcased at different meetings, workshops and events by project partners and members of the PIP, and was recently presented at an IMI workshop, “Patient Engagement Strategy for Innovative Medicines”. The workshop took place on 27-28 April, 2016 in Brussels and was aimed at discussing how to implement a patient-centred approach in IMI-funded research projects.

U-BIOPRED was presented as a best practise example and has been praised for its successful involvement of patients. IMI also acknowledged that relationships within the project consortium were very well established.

David Supple, Chair of the U-BIOPRED PIP, gave a presentation on how the project achieved meaningful patient engagement and the lessons learnt through the PIP experience.

IMI plans to take patient engagement forward by defining topics for future IMI research projects on the issue and improving the mechanisms behind it.  Over the next months, the U-BIOPRED booklet will be translated in over 7 languages, making it accessible to professionals and patients all over the EU. Translated versions of the booklet will also be published online on the project website.

ELF also provides training opportunities through the European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP), an online programme which introduces patients and their carers to some of the skills and knowledge needed to represent themselves successfully, including in research projects.

Read more about the U-BIOPRED project and download the booklet “A short guide to successful patient involvement in EU-funded research” .

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