Which factors are most important in pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD? Take part in a new focus group

A group of researchers are looking for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who have taken part in pulmonary rehabilitation to be involved in a new focus group to improve outcomes for patients.

Aim of the focus group

The researchers want to know which factors are most important to people with COPD when taking part in pulmonary rehabilitation. The focus group will help researchers to improve pulmonary rehabilitation programmes for COPD based on patients’ needs.

Your contributions will help researchers to decide:

  • what healthcare professionals should measure (based on what patients want to achieve), and
  • how they measure progress (based on how patients prefer to be monitored).

This will help to develop a set of outcomes that should be measured and reported as a minimum when assessing people with COPD.

What is involved

The group will be involved in online discussions, where everyone will have the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts.

Who can take part

  • People with COPD who have taken part in pulmonary rehabilitation or who are currently doing pulmonary rehabilitation
  • People who care for, or who have provided support to a person with COPD who has been involved with pulmonary rehabilitation

If you are interested in contributing to the group, please share when you are available using the following link and the researchers will be in contact soon:

For more information, please contact the researcher who is leading this work: Sara Souto Miranda: