British Lung Foundation support group, Breathe Easy Westminster, organised an information evening on lung health and the environment alongside a lung function testing event. The two events, which were funded by a Healthy Lungs for Life grant, took place in May 2019 in London, UK and aimed to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your lungs.

The information evening and lung function testing event brought together experts in the fields of respiratory health and air quality to put a spotlight on how the air we breathe can impact our lungs.

The information event saw over 40 members of the public come together to learn more about the important topic. Speakers included Dr Ian Mudway, King’s College London; Harriet Edwards, Senior Policy and Projects Manager – Air Quality, British Lung Foundation; Komal Patel, Senior respiratory physiologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Maudie Spurrier, Public Affairs and Campaigns Officer, ClientEarth; Adam Webber, Principal Policy Officer (Air Quality), City of Westminster, and Martina O’Connor, Westminster Stop Smoking Service Co-ordinator.

16 members of the public received a free lung function test, with six being referred to their GP for a follow-up test.

Organiser Tess Jelen, Chair of Breathe Easy Westminster, said: “Thanks to the Healthy Lungs for Life grant, Breathe Easy Westminster was pleased to hold two events. The first dealt with environmental impact and included some passionate and informative speakers. The second provided free spirometry testing. Overall, we gained new members and are still being congratulated on the meeting and the information we provided to local people. Our sincere thanks to Healthy Lungs for Life for making this possible.”

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