SHARP National leads at ERS: Key challenges in the management of severe asthma across Europe – Using real-life research as part of the solution.

The National Leads of the 28 SHARP-federated European countries committed altogether, convened at the ERS congress in Milan this week, discussing where we need to head, to improve the care of people living with severe asthma.

From the perspective of the national leads across Europe, key challenges in the clinical setting include:

  • Poor access to biologics in some countries
  • Under recognition of severe asthma – with lack of referral to severe asthma centers
  • Lack of severe asthma specialists
  • Striving to collect strong real-life data in a busy clinical setting
  • Challenges in getting the patients voice through at the national level
  • Getting through to health care payers with messages on the need for better care for patients with severe asthma

Potential solutions where SHARP can play a role includes:

  • Providing knowledge on the challenge of severe asthma management
  • Developing information material for use im advocacy with health care payers
  • Guiding best practice in severe asthma through clinical protocols
  • Answering key clinical questions with real life data and providing clinical solutions
  • Training the next generation of severe asthma specialists and giving the opportunities to young clinicians and rising stars for their development within SHARP.

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