Downloadable documents

Nearly all the downloadable documents on this site are offered in at least one accessible format (HTML, TXT).

Some rare PDF documents might also be found on this website without any accessible version directly attached.

If you don’t have acrobat reader, you can download it from the Adobe website.

Download acrobat reader

Otherwise, you can convert PDF documents into classic HTML by using Adobe’s online conversion engine. In order to do this, copy the link to the PDF file and paste it in the supplied field in the online Adobe conversion tool.


  1. Site Logo:The logo is placed on each and every page of the site allowing the direct return to the site’s homepage.
  2. Main links:The main links represent the first navigational element available on the top of the page. They are entry points to each of the main sections of the site.
  3. Navigational help:The main links have navigational help situated, in graphical browsers, on the top right-hand side of each page. This element gives access to:
    1. The navigation help document
    2. The inbuilt search engine
  4. Further navigationFurther navigation is set after the navigational help:
    1. As part of the homepage: Quick links to the contents of the site which are set forward on this page such as the contact sheet, the sitemap and accessibility.
    2. Standard navigation: First level navigation is set on the top left-hand side of the page to be easily located by the user.
    3. Sub navigation: On clicking on a first level element, second level navigation will be displayed on the left hand side of the site for quick linking. These levels might have one more level (level 3 navigation) included as sub menus to level 2 elements. The text colours have been selected to give the best readability to the user.
  5. The last navigation pane available as footer gives quick access to navigational elements giving further information about ELF such as Site map, Legal disclaimer, etc…

The inbuilt search engine

The search engine results pages are “text only” extractions of the pages closest to the search terms. The search terms are set in bold in the results pages to allow rapid identification and to know the relevance of the document compared to expectations.

Browser compatibility

The site is built according to the W3C recommendations. This consortium’s goal is to define the entire international recommendations concerning data processing languages used to define web pages (HTML, Style sheets, etc…) to push the Net to its optimal potential.

Consequently, this site will offer the best user-experience if browsed with new generation browsers while remaining structurally accessible to previous browsers.

It is recommended to use one of the following browsers for best experience:

On Mac OS X platforms: Opera, Safari, Mozilla 1.x, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 5.x (for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9)

On Windows platforms: Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.x, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

On Linux: Mozilla 1.x, Mozilla Firefox, Opera