SOLACE at the 2024 EU4Health Conference

On 19 June, the European Commission hosted the 2024 EU4Health Conference, in Brussels, Belgium. During the Conference, the European Lung Foundation had the opportunity to present SOLACE, an EU-funded project about lung cancer screening in Europe. SOLACE aims to provide valuable learning on how best to implement a cost-effective screening program for lung cancer. By the end of the project, its consortium hopes to provide the best techniques for reaching out to higher risk populations, women, as well as hard-to-reach individuals.

The Conference provided valuable information on a range of topics, such as upcoming funding opportunities, health data management, digitalization, prevention, preparedness and cancer. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to learn about the priorities of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union* which includes topics such as organ transplantation and mental health.

*A presidency that rotates among EU member states every six months and helps to ensure the continuity of the EU’s work in the Council.