Take the Active Option 2023

Sign up now to #TakeTheActiveOption this September and support our global campaign to improve lung health!

01/09/2023 - 30/09/2023

About the campaign and the event

By making a commitment to get active this September and asking your friends and family to support you by donating to ELF, you can support our Healthy Lungs for Life campaign. We are asking that you commit to walking, running, or cycling a distance that feels ambitious for you throughout the month of September. This could be walking to work every day, taking part in a marathon, or getting out on your bike every weekend.

Sign up now to encourage others to take part with you and to get started with your fundraising. You can also share training updates and stories to encourage more support.

Take the Active Option is our annual fundraising event to support the Healthy Lungs for Life (HLfL) campaign. HLfL is a global public awareness campaign run by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and European Lung Foundation (ELF). Each year, the campaign teaches thousands of people about lung health and how to make choices in their life to positively impact their lung health and the lung health of other people.

The campaign currently focuses on five key themes:

  • Physical activity (#TakeTheActiveOption)
  • Air quality (#BreatheCleanAir)
  • Stopping smoking (#BeSmokeFree)
  • Vaccination (#Vaccinate)
  • Climate Change (#FightClimateChange)

This September, we are asking you to #TakeTheActiveOption and raise money to ensure that Healthy Lungs for Life activities reach as many people as possible and help to improve lung health globally.


How to fundraise

We are asking you to try to raise a minimum of €150 to help fund our Healthy Lungs for Life campaign. The easiest way to get this started is to set up the fundraising page you will be sent after you register. Please do include a photograph of yourself as well as your personal reason for wanting to take part. People will feel more compelled to give generously if they feel a connection to your motivations.

We will also send you tips on how to fundraise and will support you along the way. If you would like more help then please get in touch with our fundraiser by emailing katherine.wylie@europeanlung.org

Don’t worry if you are unable to reach your target. It is there as a guide and to help inspire you, but we are grateful for all donations.  

Register to take part

Register to take part as a team or individual, and complete your chosen distance by walking, running, or cycling in September. You can add up the distance over the month or challenge yourself to do it in a day. If you register before 30 June, you can register for half the price!


What happens once I register?

Once you have registered you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need on fundraising, training, and finding an event in your area. 

If you find yourself needing support, then our team are on hand for you to give advice around fundraising and training.