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Find out how your business or organisation can help improve lung health in the communities your customers care about.

There are many ways to support ELF

ELF is looking to work with companies and organistions with common interest in topics such as physical activity and clean air; for example gyms, health and fitness, green energy solutions, air purification and ventilation, air pollution digital imagery and finance. ELF has a policy of not accepting any direct funding from the pharmaceutical industry in support of specific projects or initiatives.

Whether you are looking to donate a percentage of your sales, encouraging your staff and customers to fundraise for us or provide sponsorship, we will work with you to create the perfect partnership package.

Why partner with us?

ELF is a multi-award winning organisation, that provides support to people across the world living with lung conditions. We are proud to partner with the European Respiratory Society; a world leading medical organisation working to promote lung health and combat lung diseases.

A corporate partnership with ELF will provide benefits to your organisation that will help you stand out from the crowd and help us to reach our mission of improving lung health and advancing diagnosis, treatment and care in respiratory medicine.

We recognise that there are many motivating factors for going into a partnership with a charity, so our starting point will always be to have an open discussion with you to find out what your are.

Corporate sponsorship

There are a number of ELF projects, events and activities that your business could sponsor in return for a range of benefits.

These include Healthy Lungs for Life events and our patient education materials.

Corporate donations and gifts-in-kind

Business donations help us to continue providing support and guidance to people living with lung conditions and their carers. If you are an organisation in a European country, you may be eligible for tax-relief on donations of up to €12,000.

Gifts-in-kind could include donating prizes for events, sharing your skills and expertise or discounted rates on materials. Providing a gift will help us to use our funding and resources to have the greatest impact.

Corporate fundraising

Employee fundraising has shown to improve staff retention, loyalty and motivation.
Just like we do with all our supportive fundraisers, we will work with you to develop suitable activities for your employees. We can also provide you with a range of fundraising materials, support and motivation along the way.

Charity of the year

Perhaps your corporate fundraising might be linked to a Charity of the Year partnership. A fantastic way to boost the motivation of your employees, help them #taketheactiveoption and help us raise vital funds and awareness.
Some ideas include office-based fundraising, staff events or donating a % of sales.

Matched funding

Give your employees’ fundraising a boost, by giving the same amount they raise.
When your employees raise money for ELF, whether it is through a fundraising event or simply providing a donation, will you give the same amount again? This is not just an excellent way to double the amount raised but it works as an incentive tool to increase employee engagement.

Access to your audience

Spreading the word about ELF in publications, on your website or social media can help us reach a wider audience than we could reach alone.
Your partnership can help increase our supporter base, allow our information to reach even more people and expand our patient involvement network.

Corporate volunteering

Are your employees the sort of people who love a challenge? Maybe they want to help a charity as a team?
Corporate volunteering provides an excellent teambuilding opportunity, whilst generating vital funds for our work.
Whether it is helping at one of our events, helping to translate documents or taking part in a challenge we can provide the opportunities that will live long in a memory.

Commercial opportunities

There are also a range of commercial opportunities available to organisations.

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