Philanthropy & major gifts

Your kindness can have a huge impact on millions of individuals suffering with a lung condition.

We understand that philanthropy is a very personal thing.

If you are able to make a large donation, we would be delighted to work with you to ensure that the process of giving is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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Reduce lung health inequalities

You can help ELF to reduce the inequality in lung health faced by millions of people across Europe. Access to information and resources about lung health is not equal and many people struggle to get hold of this in their own language or a format that they understand. Your donation will help ELF create more lay research summaries and guidance factsheets, translated into multiple languages and into easy-read format.

Improve lung health

Give today to improve education and awareness of lung health. The current pandemic has shown that healthy lungs are more important now, than ever before.
Our Healthy Lungs for Life campaign aims to increase knowledge and awareness among the general public about steps that can be taken to improve lung health through four key themes: Air quality, Stopping smoking, Physical activity and Vaccination. Your donation will help us to increase the reach of this project into schools and low and middle income countries.

Increase patient involvement

Your donation can help ELF to increase its capacity to empower people with lung diseases, and the general public, to influence respiratory research and guidelines at a European level.
With your support, ELF can grow its patient network, increase the opportunities for patients to speak at an International Congress and train more patients to effectively campaign for better lung health.

What we promise in return

As a philanthropic donor, you will become part of the ELF family:

  • You will have a direct relationship with a professional member of the ELF fundraising team.
  • We will work with you to explain our organisational needs and to understand your individual needs as a donor.
  • We will work closely with you to discover aspects of our work or specific projects which inspire you.
  • We will provide follow-up reports to demonstrate the impact of your donation.
  • We can organise direct contact with our beneficiaries and projects so you can see the difference your support will make (where appropriate).

Major donors

We can only be there for people with lung conditions through support given by people like you.

Whether you have a lung disease yourself, someone close to you has, or you are simply an individual who wants to make a positive impact, please get in touch.

Philanthropic and wealth management advisers

We are happy to work with you to help deliver a philanthropic solution for your client. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

If you are interested in working with ELF on a philanthropic basis contact us today.

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