Meet the ELF team

The ELF team is made up of its leadership, committees, volunteers and staff - working together to improve lung health. Meet the team here!

ELF Council

The ELF Council is the organisation’s main controlling body. They are responsible for the work plan, activities and financial control of ELF. The Council work to guide the foundation and provide an overview of its activities.

Kjeld Hansen - profile image
Kjeld Hansen
ELF Chair

Marc Humbert - profile image
Marc Humbert
ERS President

Carlos Robalo Cordeiro - profile image
Carlos Robalo Cordeiro
ERS President Elect

Mikaela Odemyr - profile image
Mikaela Odemyr
Patient Advisory Committee Chair

Oksana Kulish - profile image
Oksana Kulish
EPAP PAG member

Location: Ukraine

Steve Jones - profile image
Steve Jones
Representative of the EU umbrella org EU-IPFF

Paola Pierucci - profile image
Paola Pierucci
Professional Advisory Committee Chair

Joanna Chorostowska - profile image
Joanna Chorostowska
ERS Secretary General

Thomas Geiser - profile image
Thomas Geiser
ERS Treasurer

Arzu Yorgancioglu - profile image
Arzu Yorgancioglu
ERS Advocacy Chair

Simona Biancu - profile image
Simona Biancu
Senior fundraising consultant and asthma patient

Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory Committee is made up of European respiratory patient organisations, with members representing different conditions, to ensure all lung conditions are represented equally. The aim is to develop a united voice of respiratory patient organisations across Europe.

Mikaela Odemyr - profile image
Mikaela Odemyr
Patient Advisory Committee Chair

Hilde De Keyser - profile image
Hilde De Keyser
Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Europe

Bas Holverda - profile image
Bas Holverda

Liam Galvin - profile image
Liam Galvin
European Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Related Disorders Federation (EU-IPFF)

Krisnah Poinasamy - profile image
Krisnah Poinasamy
Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership (AUK-BLF)

Shane Fitch - profile image
Shane Fitch
Lovexair Foundation

Otto Spranger - profile image
Otto Spranger

Valeria Ramiconi - profile image
Valeria Ramiconi
European Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Associations (EFA)

Marius Dumitru - profile image
Marius Dumitru
Romanian Tuberculosis Association (ARB-TB)

Gergely Meszaros - profile image
Gergely Meszaros
Pulmonary Hypertension Association Europe (PHA Europe)

Liliya Gentet - profile image
Liliya Gentet
French Federation of Associations of Patients with Respiratory Insufficiency or Handicap (FFAAIR)

Anna-Marie Bourke - profile image
Anna-Marie Bourke
Asthma Society of Ireland

Leo Casimo - profile image
Leo Casimo
Sarcoidosis UK

Stanislav Kos - profile image
Stanislav Kos
Czech Civic Association Against Lung Diseases (COPN)

Beatriz Salgueiro - profile image
Beatriz Salgueiro
Portuguese Lung Transplant Association

Armando Ruiz - profile image
Armando Ruiz
Spanish Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (FENAER)

Stefano Pavanello - profile image
Stefano Pavanello
Union of Lung Transplant Patients of Padova

Iain Armstrong - profile image
Iain Armstrong
Pulmonary Hypertension Association UK

Dorrit Novel - profile image
Dorrit Novel
Swiss Sarcoisosis Association

Carlee Gilbert - profile image
Carlee Gilbert

United Patient Advisory Group

The United PAG is made up of representatives from individual PAGs. Its purpose is to discuss and work on issues that are cross-disease, such as breathlessness; share ideas and best practice; provide support to each other; and help drive the ELF agenda and strategy.

Marta Almagro - profile image
Marta Almagro
Bronchiectasis PAG

Rita Barriuso - profile image
Rita Barriuso
Sarcoidosis PAG

Jane Calvert-Lee - profile image
Jane Calvert-Lee
Chronic Cough PAG

Mark De Quidt - profile image
Mark De Quidt
Sleep PAG

Carlee Gilbert - profile image
Carlee Gilbert

Steve Jones - profile image
Steve Jones
Pulmonary Fibrosis PAG

Karen Needham - profile image
Karen Needham
Asthma PAG

Janette Rawlinson - profile image
Janette Rawlinson
Lung Cancer PAG

Professional Advisory Committee

The Professional Advisory Committee is made up of a group of ERS specialists and professionals from primary care selected from across Europe. They guide ELF on the topics to write about, and assess all written material made available online, to ensure content is accurate and reliable.

Paola Pierucci - profile image
Paola Pierucci
PrAC Chair, Respiratory Physician

Saskia Weldam - profile image
Saskia Weldam
Nurse Scientist

Karl Sylvester - profile image
Karl Sylvester
Respiratory Physiologist

Jellien Makonga-Braaksma - profile image
Jellien Makonga-Braaksma
Respiratory Function Technologist

Dyna Torrado - profile image
Dyna Torrado
General Practitioner

Frits Franssen - profile image
Frits Franssen
Chest Physician

Giuseppe Parisi - profile image
Giuseppe Parisi
Paediatric Pulmonologist

Cristina Calarasu - profile image
Cristina Calarasu
Early Careers Member Representative

Elena Gimeno-Santos - profile image
Elena Gimeno-Santos

ELF Office

The ELF office is based in Sheffield in the UK and Brussels in Belgium. The team take care of the day-to-day running of ELF, they plan our events, coordinate our work with patients and healthcare professionals, and produce the materials on our website. If you contact us, via the website or our social media channels, this is the team you will reach.

Jessica Denning - profile image
Jessica Denning
Communications and education

+44 1143220645
Alice Gannon - profile image
Alice Gannon
Communications and outreach

+44 1143220635
Jeanette Boyd - profile image
Jeanette Boyd
Patient involvement and engagement

+44 1142672872
Courtney Coleman - profile image
Courtney Coleman
Patient involvement and engagement

+44 1142672875
Clare Williams - profile image
Clare Williams
Patient involvement and engagement

+44 114 3220651
Robert Pearce - profile image
Robert Pearce
Supporter experience & fundraising

+44 1143220651
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