The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign is run by the European Lung Foundation (ELF) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS). The campaign is aimed at everyone whether you have a lung condition or not. It focusses on four key themes to raise awareness of the best ways we can keep our lungs healthy and reduce the amount lung disease experienced by people worldwide.


Air quality plays an important role on lung health for everyone. Find out about outdoor and indoor air pollution, including the health effects of pollutants and what you can do to help reduce air pollution.


Stopping smoking is the best way to improve your lung health and overall health. Find out the benefits of stopping smoking, the science behind different types of nicotine products and the effects of passive smoking.


Physical activity improves lung health and there is a level of exercise suitable for everyone. Find out how exercise benefits the lungs both for people with and without lung conditions, and top tips for staying active.


Vaccination protects you and those around you from various infections that affect the lungs. Find out how vaccination works and how vaccines protect individuals and populations from lung diseases.

ELF and European Respiratory Society (ERS) were presented with the Incredible Impact Award for the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign. This award celebrates initiatives that leave a lasting legacy.

ELF picked up the award virtually, and produced a short video to thank the organisers and talk about the HLFL event in Madrid.

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