Involving patients in research and healthcare

Do you want to ensure patients’ views are at the heart of future healthcare? Then get involved in developing new guidelines and statements on important lung health topics.

You can input into all stages of ERS guidelines by:

  • Helping identify which topics should be addressed
  • Answering surveys to understand patient experiences
  • Reviewing ERS documents and helping make versions for patients and the public

Find out about the guidelines we are involved with

Find more about our Patient Input Process

Join an ELF Patient Advisory Group 

ELF Patient advisory groups (PAGs) help others living with lung diseases, often by advising doctors and researchers or producing factsheets and information. ELF runs PAGs for lots of different lung diseases and each one is slightly different. In general PAGs are made up of individuals with a certain lung condition, as well as representatives of patient organistions working in that area.

As a member of a PAG, you will be asked to share your perspectives on living with your condition. This might include how it impacts your daily life, your thoughts on treatment and aspects of your condition that may not have been researched. You also have the chance to highlight any information gaps or priorities that you think are important to patients and caregivers.

Learn more about PAGs and how to join
Read about Rita and Annette’s experiences of being PAG members

Raise money for lung health 

With your support, ELF can reduce healthcare inequalities, improve education about lung health and increase patient involvement in research and policy making.

COVID-19 has put lung health at the forefront of people’s minds and demand on our services is increasing. Now, more than ever, it is important for ELF to be able to provide accurate, trustworthy and understandable support and information to everyone across Europe in their own language.

Share your experiences

Sharing our experiences is so valuable. We can learn from each other and know that we are not alone in our situation.
We have both written and video stories from people with lung conditions and care givers.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact us and we will support you to produce your text or video.

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