We would like to hear about your experiences, for example:

  • Have you or a family member had COVID-19 and recovered?
  • Do you have a unique way of dealing with your lung condition?
  • Do you have a rare condition and want to share your experiences of getting a diagnosis?
  • Is there something you are proud of that you just want to share with others?
  • Or maybe something that you found difficult that you think my resonate with other people?

Tell us about your experiences and we will publish them on our patient stories pages so that you can share your personal experiences and provide support and encouragement to others.

How to share your experiences with us

We have a collection of both written and video stories from people with lung conditions and care givers. You are welcome to submit either of these.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact us and we will support you to produce your text or video.

Write about you

Our written stories are blog style posts. This means they are informal and personal to you. They are around 400 to 800 words long. We can support you in different ways to write your blog post. Depending on what works best for you we can be more or less involved. This might mean that you write it independently and we just do the final edit. If you prefer, we can plan a call and discuss what you want to say and then we can write the text with you.

Film about you

If you would like to provide a video, we can work with you to create this. You will need to film yourself and we will edit the film for you. Please contact us first to decide what footage we need and how to plan you video.

Contact us to share your experiences

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