ELF endorsement for your event

Rules and policies regarding ELF endorsement of external events


The proposed event should be able to stimulate an attendance of patients, carers, patient organisations or members of the public of a reasonable size depending on type (congress, workshop, course, etc.). 

The proposed meeting should not be in competition with events organised by the European Lung Foundation (ELF) or the European Respiratory Society (ERS). 


The organiser must complete the following online form below. 

An advance notice period of 6 months is advised. The application will be considered by the Chair of ELF and the ELF Council if appropriate. 

The Chair of ELF will: 

  • review the proposed programme, with particular regard to the educational objectives, to scientific quality and non-specialist orientation (i.e. patients, general public) – where necessary they will consult with the relevant Assembly Chair 
  • assess the interest of ELF in endorsing the event 

ELF will inform the organiser of the decisions within 4 months. 


ELF endorsement may include: 

  • Mention in the ELF newsletter 
  • Mention on ELF social media 
  • A space on the ELF calendar 

Please note that ELF endorsement does not include any financial support by the ELF. 

In exchange for endorsement the organiser of the event should: 

  • include the text “endorsed by ELF” and the ELF logo, together with the ELF website URL; 
  • send any documents related to the event to ELF;  
  • link to ELF social media to allow for re-posting; and 
  • offer opportunities to promote ELF activities at the event if appropriate.