Below are a few examples to highlight some of the self-management resources that the UK Charity Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis (APF) have available. Their self-management resources can either be viewed, downloaded, or printed from their website

Quality of life and pulmonary fibrosis session from our Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital virtual patient information day (online seminar recording)

A panel involving a clinical nurse specialist, patient and chair of APF, patients and a carer discuss their journey and experience living with PF. The session includes common challenges faced, what support is available and how to access this.

Managing breathlessness resource

Handy tips and advice on how to manage breathlessness when bending. This is one of the most visited support pages on the APF website.

Printable patient resources

Information on the APF website is available in a tidy print format for anyone visiting our website. They are also developing a healthcare professionals training and resources page to help with supporting patients and families living with pulmonary fibrosis.

APF Insider magazine

APF’s free magazine offers information and self-management tips to help you live well with PF and manage your condition more effectively. It also includes stories, research news and updates from their PF community.

You can sign up to receive the magazine via this link: