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Our elves are busy all year round translating our work into as many languages as they can to ensure people around the world have access to up-to-date and accurate lung health information.

They translate our online course ‘EPAP’, they translate our website, they translate our infographics, and they translate so much more.

Translations cost ELF over €40,000 a year. Help us to make our information accessible to even more people around the world by making a donation today, and leaving a festive message or a wish on a star below.

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To support us there are 3 easy steps

1. Choose which type of star you would like:

  • Gold – make a one-off donation of €50 and over, or donate any amount monthly
  • Silver – make a one-off donation between €11 and €49
  • Green – make a one-off donation of up to €10

2. Click on the link to make your donation and write the message, and name, you would like to see on your star.

3. Wait for us to send you an email confirming your star has been added and then follow the link to come back to this page and see your festive star. We will also send you an image to share on social media, so you can show your friends and family and encourage them to support us alongside you.

Thank you for all the support you have given us in 2022, we look forward to working hard to improve lung health with you in 2023.

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Thanks to the European Lung Foundation to support patients and provide accurate information on Lung Health. Every breath counts, also in 2023!

Communication is key to better health – and translations are key to better communication. Best wishes in every language for 2023! x

Thank you!

Keep up the good work, European Lung Foundation!

Good luck with the translations.  Lets be the Star we know we should be!

In memory of my dear friend and fellow asthma PAG member Emily. She was an inspiration to all and wanted to help researchers to ensure their research would make a big impact for patients. Thank you to all the researchers who engage with patients & give us the opportunity to share our lived experience.

Wishing for healthy lungs for 2023

You are doing an excellent job for us. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

In fondest hopes that your efforts will both unite the whole land mass and tend to their lung maladies as well.

Happy Fathers’ Day

Celebrating new EPAP graduates – Shine brightly

Thank you to all our amazing PAG members for sharing your experience and expertise – it is great to work with you all!

In memory of Emily who had a huge impact on everyone in the asthma patient advisory group and is sadly missed.

2022 marked a new adventure – joining ELF. Thanks for welcoming me into ELF family! Special mention goes to Evert and Mr Bond (our dog) for love and support I get at home.

It was great to reconnect in person with representatives of organisations in the ELF network this year after several years behind the screen. It was so lovely to see you all in Barcelona and have dinner with PAC members!

Thank you Kjeld, Mikaela, Helen, Simona, Oksana and Paola – our core ELF Council members for all their hard work this year – and to everyone else who gives their time to ELF. We are nothing without you. x

To our brand new little star Mia – welcome to our crazy family! Lots of love, great auntie Clare xx

Wishing for another amazing year in 2023 for all the team at ELF

Thank you so much to Laura and Liam for looking after Simon (cat) for us this year.

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