About the initiative

ELF is running a pilot with a company to see if we can help recruit individuals for ongoing clinical trials in Europe in different respiratory disease areas. The reason we are trialing this is because many members of ELF Patient Advisory Groups (PAG) ask us to share information about what clinical trials are taking place, where and whether they can be part of them.

What is a clinical trial?

Developing medications is a structured and regulated process. It usually begins with an idea that a certain compound could benefit patients by improving their condition. Drugs cannot be used to treat people in Europe until they have gone through clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that test whether new drugs are safe and effective in people.

The compound is first tested in the laboratory – in cells or animals – to find out if it could be beneficial. Only then is the compound tested in humans, in a series of clinical trials. If these prove safe and effective, the compound may then be licensed and marketed as a drug for treatment of the condition. Clinical trials are usually conducted by drug companies, but in some cases by academic institutions.

What opportunities will we share?

We will be working with a company called Citeline who recruit people into clinical trials for many different drug companies. They will inform us if they are working on any clinical trial happening in any respiratory condition in Europe.

We will share the details of that trial with the ELF Patient Advisory Group (PAG) in that disease area. The PAG will decide if it is relevant and will tell us if they think we should inform others about the clinical trial opportunity.

If they decide we should, we will include details of the trial in our newsletter and maybe also on social media. We will provide a web address where individuals can go to find out more information and to make an expression of interest in being part of the trial. If an individual makes its through to the clinical trial, ELF will receive a recruitment fee from Citeline.

Find out more

For some more information about clinical trials please visit our Drugs in development page. You will also be able to see all current opportunities listed there.

Also consider accessing the European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) free, online module on ‘Supporting research and development’ to get more detailed information and knowledge about clinical trials and health research. Register at www.epaponline.eu.

Please note that these clinical trials are in no way recommended or endorsed by ELF and any decision to join a clinical trial must be made by an individual and in consultation with their healthcare professional.

Current opportunities

Lung cancer clinical trial in Spain and Poland

Citeline is recruiting patients with advanced lung cancer in Spain and Poland into a clinical trial. The trial is testing a new immunotherapy drug called MGD019. It will look at whether the drug is effective for certain tumour types including advanced non-small cell lung cancer. The researchers hope that certain tumour types will be sensitive to the new treatment. The trial will also test the safety of the new drug. It will do this for example by carrying out blood tests with participants to make sure it is not having a detrimental effect on their immune system.


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