EPAP Live: EU projects

Join us for our upcoming EPAP Live session on Tuesday 25 June, 13:00-14:00 CEST.


The EU provides funding for public health actions and medical research across Europe. These opportunities are important as it can give patients and patient organisations an opportunity to engage early on in research at the European level. 

In this webinar, we will discuss opportunities for patient involvement in EU projects and provide valuable insights into how to get involved in EU-funded initiatives.  

We will be discussing: 

  • what funding streams exists for EU projects and what role can patients play in projects, 
  • examples from patients/patient organisations that have been involved in EU-funded projects, and 
  • advice for engagement, what it means and considerations when joining a project. 

This informative and interactive event is part of a series of live webinars related to the European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP). EPAP is a free, online, self-learning programme that introduces patients and carers to some of the basic skills and knowledge needed to represent yourself and others successfully.

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Chairs and speakers

The event will be hosted by Vlatka Matkovic, EU Project Manager at Lungs Europe. More speakers to be announced soon.

Vlatka Matkovic - profile image
Vlatka Matkovic
EU Project Manager