Pulmonary Hypertension Question Time

Join us on Friday 31 May 10:00 CEST for our patient webinar on pulmonary hypertension. Submit your questions today for our expert panel!


On Friday 31 May, we will be hosting Pulmonary Hypertension Question Time, our latest online event where our team of patients and experts will explore key questions around pulmonary hypertension, including causes, symptoms, treatment and clinical trials. Ahead of the event, we are sharing a series of six videos from experts that we invite you to watch. You can then submit your questions using the form below.

The event will be held on Zoom and there will be translated captions available.

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Speakers, chairs and contributors

Hall Skaara - profile image
Hall Skaara
PHA Europe

Jason Weatherald - profile image
Jason Weatherald

Dr. Jason Weatherald is a pulmonologist and Associate Professor at the University of Alberta where he works in the Lung Transplant and Pulmonary Hypertension programs. His research involves risk assessment methods in pulmonary arterial hypertension and patient-oriented research, with a current interest in novel clinical trial designs. He is an Associate Editor at the European Respiratory Journal and at the European Respiratory Review.

Jean-Luc Vachiéry - profile image
Jean-Luc Vachiéry

Dr Jean-Luc Vachiéry is the Director of the Pulmonary Vascular Diseases and Heart Failure Clinic in the Department of Cardiology at the Erasme University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium.

Lucilla Piccari - profile image
Lucilla Piccari

Dr Lucilla Piccari, M.D., Ph.D. is a pulmonologist at the pulmonary hypertension unit in Hospital del Mar (Barcelona, Spain), where she coordinates the Spanish Registry of Pulmonary Hypertension in Lung Disease (Registro Español de Hipertensión pulmonar Asociada a enfermedad Respiratoria, REHAR). She is the Director of the Pulmonary Vascular Research Program at the Spanish Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery Society (SEPAR).

Athénaïs Boucly - profile image
Athénaïs Boucly

Adult Pulmonologist/Clinician
Imperial College London

This event was organised with the support of the ELF Pulmonary Hypertension Patient Advisory Group (PAG). Find out more about our PAGs here.

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