Arranging special assistance

Airports can be big, busy, and stressful places but you can get help to get around the airport. This can save you walking long distances or worrying about making your flight on time.

Last Update 24/04/2023

It may be helpful for you to consider requesting special assistance. Airports can be very big places where you may have to walk for long distances (e.g. the distance from the front door to the departure gate) or stand for a long time due to lack of seating. Even if your flight is on time, getting to your plane might take longer than you expect. With special assistance, you will be able to arrive at your destination more relaxed.

Airlines will arrange special assistance for you, which will be provided by the airport. You will need to arrange it in advance, at least 48 hours before the trip. Airports’ websites usually have a directory with links to the special assistances pages of airlines.

We also advise you to:

Bring Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) documents with you
Bring the POC user manual or any other document with the make and model of your POC (including batteries) so that you can show it to the airport staff at the security gate or on board if they ask for more information.

Check the airport map
You can look at it online, download it or print it so that you can check the location of:

Special assistance desks, where you need to go to for special assistance before going through the security check.

Check where the special assistance desk is in the airport and go there before going to the security check. There is usually a waiting area where you can wait while sitting.

Power outlets, which can be useful if you travel with a POC and want to save some battery before boarding.

If you can’t find them on the map, the airport will be able to tell you where they are. Make sure you give details of your batteries and your plug when you enquire. We recommend that you still bring the recommended number of batteries and do not entirely rely on airports’ power outlets. They might not be in a convenient location for you, or may not work.