“Whoever he met, Dave would joke, laugh, listen & chat and one would walk away feeling his warmth, smile and even though it is not always said, so much love in his gestures, compassion and friendliness, he was real, and is real very very real.

That is how David Higley wrote his life every day, as we all write our own, it is up to us to continue writing our stories with that little mark, that imprint in our hearts of the moments that this man, dad, husband, boy left during those moments we spent with him.

This wonderful person was my husband and my friend and a loving father to our 3 children, Ryan, Natalie and Marina. He is missed terribly but we will continue to live our lives with his smile in our hearts.

Thank you for being you, for the love and support you gave to us all. xx”

~ Tracy Higley, wife of David Higley