A look back at the 2023 UNITE4TB Annual Consortium Meeting and Symposium

Collaboration is the most effective solution for innovation. This is certainly true in the case of large public-private partnerships like UNITE4TB. To leverage the strength of all parties involved, a spirit of collaboration needs to be nurtured. This is exactly what the three days of intense discussions at the 2023 UNITE4TB Annual Meeting and Symposium sought to achieve.

The week began with a two-day Annual Consortium Meeting on 24 and 25 April. Hosted by project partner, Radboudumc, the meeting provided an opportunity for the UNITE4TB partners to share important updates and upcoming activities – providing a solid overview of the current status of the project.

Sessions touched on topics such as the UNITE4TB regimen development, community involvement within the project, the Phase 2A clinical trial design, and the importance of getting the UNITE4TB message out there.

Summarising the key achievements of the last year, Martin Boeree, UNITE4TB project coordinator from Radboudumc, said: “We are now officially firing up our engines in the race to develop new TB treatment regimens!”

UNITE4TB will start its clinical trials later this year, testing at least 11 combinations of eight different drugs. The trials will involve more than 1,000 participants and will be supported by close collaboration with local communities, the WHO, and other key stakeholders. Together, we are embarking on a ground-breaking journey to find a novel TB treatment regimen, contributing to global efforts to see a world free of TB.

Key statements from the Annual Meeting discussions
  • We can’t embark on resource-intensive and expensive clinical trials without considering the need for rapid and equitable access to new innovations for all in need.
  • Clinical trials done in synergy will be far more effective than those done in isolation.
  • Community engagement is a journey and the local communities where we will be conducting our clinical trials need to be part of the conversation from the start. We need to invest in their capacity to understand the work of UNITE4TB to ensure they are partners in the whole process. Meaningful engagement is a win-win for all as better understanding means better buy-in and better treatment adherence.

Wrapping up the week, and reaffirming the ambitions of UNITE4TB, the project coordinator and meeting host, Martin Boeree said: “We are part of a global movement to revolutionise the way TB treatments are delivered. The UNITE4TB partnership aims to be at the forefront of developing and providing better TB treatments for those in need. We want to improve the process by which we develop these drugs – setting a new standard, progressing science, and speeding up the drug development process.

“It has been an amazing three days at the 2023 UNITE4TB Annual Meeting and Symposium. We’ve heard great science and discussed many important aspects of our work. But most importantly, we have gathered together to strengthen our spirit of collaboration.”


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