Get involved in a new group to help improve diagnosis, treatment and care for COVID-19

Would you like to contribute to new research on COVID-19? We are looking for people from across Europe to join our new Patient Advisory Group to work with several research projects in this vital area. This will make sure that patients and the public are at the centre of research.

You might be:

  • Someone who has had COVID-19 or thinks they may have had it
  • A person with a lung condition who is concerned about getting COVID-19
  • Someone who is worried about future waves of the pandemic
  • A person who is concerned about getting a correct diagnosis of COVID-19 or feels they may have been incorrectly diagnosed
  • A carer of someone who has had COVID-19
  • Someone who has an interest in COVID-19 and would like to contribute to research.

Our new Patient Advisory Group will work with new research projects that the ELF is involved with, for example the DRAGON project, and a new European Respiratory Society Clinical Research Collaboration called END-COVID.

 The group may be asked to:

  • Help decide on priorities for research
  • Provide opinions on how research is carried out
  • Comment on the design of surveys
  • Review information materials produced for healthcare professionals, patients and the public.

If you are interested in getting involved or want to find out more, please contact Clare Williams at