ELF Chair, Kjeld Hansen, to sit on the steering committee of the WHO’s new Civil Society Commission

It has been announced that the current Chair of the European Lung Foundation, Kjeld Hansen, will be a member of the Steering Committee of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Civil Society Commission.

The aim of this group is to strengthen dialogue, foster collaboration and provide recommendations to support WHO on its engagement with civil society at global, regional and national levels to achieve health for all.

As a member of the Steering Committee, Kjeld will contribute to the strategic direction of the work of the WHO Civil Society Commission and support the development of its workplans and strategies. This is an exciting opportunity to be able to advocate for lung health at all levels of science policy.

The Committee is set to meet four times a year, at which times Kjeld will meet with the 20 other members of the Steering Committee who represent organisations from across the globe and a wide array of health issues.

“Civil society partners are unique and powerful voices of the people that WHO serves. Their valuable resources, knowledge and close community connections can help WHO ensure our impact is much greater than when we act alone. It is only through working closely with civil society and other key partners that we will be able to deliver on our ambitious goal of achieving health for all.”

Dr Tedros, WHO Director-General.

More information can be found on the WHO website.

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