ELF contributes to creation of a new EU Global Health Strategy

In September 2022, ELF provided feedback to the EU consultation on the role of the European Union in global health.

Last month, ELF submitted a response to the call for evidence to shape a new EU Global Health Strategy.

Since the last EU communication on the topic in 2010, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed weaknesses in European health systems. We are now facing an urgent need for a new vision to prevent and be prepared for various global health threats. The EU initiative aims to address those challenges and the gaps in global health architecture.

Supporting the position of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), ELF focused on the following key points:

  • Further awareness of respiratory health as a major component of global health
  • Climate Change and global health
  • Greater emphasis on non-communicable diseases
  • Increased funding for the fight against major infectious diseases
  • Stronger WHO leadership on the global health scene

Read the full ELF response to this consultation: