ELF supporters complete first ever virtual fundraising event

Delegates of the virtual European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2020 have taken part in the Virtual Congress Challenge to raise money for the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign and spread its important messages.

Healthy Lungs for Life is a global lung health campaign, raising awareness of the importance of lung health through a range of activities and projects. The key themes are: air quality, physical activity, stopping smoking and vaccination.

We encouraged delegates of the first ever virtual ERS Congress to get active and count their kilometres during September, aiming to reach a set distance such as from their home town to a past or future Congress destination. Throughout the month, 90 supporters took part; they ran, walked, swam and cycled 9,293 kilometres to raise money and help spread the campaign’s key messages.

That is equivalent to someone travelling from:

  • Cape Town, South Africa to Congress in Munich, Germany;
  • Tokyo, Japan to Congress in Vienna, Austria; or
  • Las Vegas, USA to Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

ELF would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teams and individuals who took part in the challenge:


We Belung Together team East and North Herts respiratory and sleep team (2,099km)

Team Pippa & Kjeld  (689km)

The ELF-ies (549km)

ciTechCare Team (333km)

Team Stranderson (200km)

Ciro Team NL


ERS CMG Congress Challenge Team



Respire Saudável

Galapagos Healthy Lungs Team

Pixeled Eggs


Jess Shull (1,316km)

Anouk Vaes (614km)

Pieter Meyns (480km)

Martin Henschke (313km)

Patrícia Chaves Coertjens (300km)

Jana De Brant (265km)

Chelsea Lee (214km)

Bertrand Verwee (182km)

Maria Nichol (176km)

Andrea Aliverti (150km)

Jeannet D (140km)

Roberta Frontini (137km)

Chris Digneffe (133km)

Marcelo Coertjens (116km)

Simona Biancu (105km)

Lotte Janssens (98km)

Xenophondas Holevas (86km)

Chris Burtin (83km)

Rachel Gozzard (77km)

Argyrios Tzouvelekis (56km)

Stavros Oikonomou (53km)

Rocio Garcia Garcia (40km)

Mitja Jevnikar (36km)

Adam Balias (33km)

Lucas Chaves Coertjens (33km)

Rodrigo Chaves Coertjens (31km) (Youngest participant – 9 years old)

Loes Moors (31km)

Ioanna Nikoloutsou (23km)

Chun Ian Soo (18km)

Vassilis Papanastasiou (17km)

George Drampas (14km)

Maarten Vanherck (12km)

Roy Meys (10km)

Foteini Skoura (9km)

Deborah Birrell (8km)

Miranda Coenjaerds (5km)

Adelita Diaz

Allegra Roccato

Anders Bugge

Anouk Stoffels

Diego Poddighe

Fabian Hilti

Felipe Machado

Frits Franssen

Giorgos Emmanouil

Giulia Passanisi

Glynos Konstantinos

Joana Cruz

Joci Martins

Kiki Waeijen

Karla Wienert

Kirsten Quadflieg

Lauren Anderson

Leo Ntallas

Maria Guranio

Marina Papatryfon

Marlene Lages

Nádia Hipólito

Nuno Morais

Nuria Novoa Valentin

Remi Luszkiewicz

Roger Strain

Sofia Efklidou

Sofia Flora

Sonia Goncalves Pereira

Sina Kohlbrenner

Veronica Alfieri

Yvonne Goërtz

Zafeiria Barmparessou

The aim of the challenge was to encourage individuals to #TakeTheActiveOption, and to raise €5,000 for the campaign. Combined efforts have raised over €4,000 from supporters who have sponsored participants and donated to the campaign. ELF would like to say a huge thanks to who has donated.

Currently, the highest individual donations have been made from Galapagos (€500), Sepas Seraj (€55), Jana De Brandt (€55).

When asked why they wanted to provide such a generous donation, Marina Sardone from Galapagos explained, “We are proud to support the Virtual Congress Challenge to raise awareness on lung health and we welcome the European Lung Foundation initiative in support of Healthy Lungs for Life. For us at Galapagos, this represents a great opportunity to pioneer for patients.

“At Galapagos everything we do is with patients in mind. We are committed to listen to patients to understand their daily challenges and unmet needs. By using our scientific knowledge, our partnerships, and our passion to make a difference, we are striving to focus our medicine development on the outcomes that truly matter to patients.

You can still donate directly to the campaign until 31 October 2020 by visiting