ELF’s European Patient Ambassador Programme launched in Portuguese

We are delighted that our European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) has been translated into Portuguese with the support of Cristina Jácome and Ana Sá Sousa who set up ConectAR – Collaborative research network: Advancing patient and public involvement in Respiratory and digital health.

Patients in their network have translated the 8 modules, making EPAP accessible to people in Portuguese-speaking countries around the world.  We would like to thank Cristina, Ana and the following patients: Abel Campião, Ana Catarina Moniz, Emília Dias Costa, Gisela Almeida, Inês Pinheiro, Rita Amaral and Tânia Pinho for their support in creating our Portuguese version.

EPAP can help people with any chronic condition, and their carers, gain basic skills and knowledge to be effective advocates, feel more empowered and represent themselves and others successfully in healthcare.

Register for free and select the language you want to complete EPAP in from the drop-down menu.  A certificate can be downloaded after successful completion of each module.

EPAP is now available in 7 languages:  Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

More information at