Invest in yourself this new year and do EPAP, our re-vamped online patient empowerment programme

We are excited to re-launch the European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP), our free online course for people with chronic conditions and their family members and carers.

EPAP can help you to gain new skills and knowledge to become an effective patient advocate, feel more empowered and represent yourself and others successfully in healthcare.

With a new, fresh design and updated sections, our re-launched EPAP is clearer, more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Why not invest in yourself this new year and take one or more of the EPAP modules:

  1. Being better informed
  2. Improving awareness
  3. Improving treatment and care
  4. Supporting research and development
  5. Influencing policy
  6. Working with the media
  7. Participating in healthcare conferences
  8. International health research projects

You can download a certificate of completion after you have successfully finished each module – and don’t forget to complete the online feedback form to tell us what you think.

Find out more about the course at

In April 2022, we will also re-launch EPAP in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In the meantime you can currently access the old-style modules in these languages at

You can also send any feedback to