Review summarises best approaches to Sarcoidosis management

A summary of research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

A review has provided an overview of the most recent knowledge about different aspects of care for people living with sarcoidosis. It also suggests the best way to offer support and manage the condition.

What did the study look at?

This is a review paper which means it summarises the latest knowledge in the area to provide an overview of the topic. It also provides the authors’ proposals for the best method of care for people living with sarcoidosis.   

What does the review propose?

The authors suggest a process that care of people living with sarcoidosis should follow, known as the ABCDE model. This includes:

  • Assessment of symptoms
  • Backing patients by providing support and education
  • treatment of Complaints and Comorbidities (other conditions a person is living with)
  • Disease-modifying treatment (such as drugs to manage the condition)
  • involvement of Extrapulmonary specialists (from other areas of medicine, such as heart consultants).

The paper suggests that in addition to any drugs that are offered, people should also be supported with measures that can help ease symptoms and improve quality of life, such as psychological support. The authors note that the preferences of people living with the condition should be the guiding factor for all treatment decisions. They also conclude that more research into both drugs and other therapeutic interventions is needed to provide more options for treatment.

Why is this important?

This review provides a thorough summary of the latest knowledge regarding the best way to manage sarcoidosis. It covers a range of areas and concludes with practical suggestions that can be used to help improve the current care that is available to people living with the condition.  

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Title: Comprehensive Care for Patients with Sarcoidosis