Rocc-N’Roll: EU Horizon Europe research programme on ionising radiation

Involvement opportunity for people with lung conditions, in particular cystic fibrosis or tuberculosis, who have undergone ionising radiation.

Have you been exposed to ionising radiation during your diagnosis or treatment? Would you like to see more research done in this area?

Patients with lung conditions, such as tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis, are often exposed to ionising radiation during their treatment – for example during imaging procedures such as X-rays used for diagnosing your condition. This comes with elements of risk that must be well managed. This is currently done via a wide range of standards, protocols and regulations applied throughout Europe.

To better understand further research and actions needed in this area, a research consortium across Europe – which involves international scientific organisations, leading expert centres and academic partners – are working on a project called ‘Rocc-N’Roll’ as part of the EU’s Horizon Europe research programme. It aims to generate a plan for research and innovation in medical applications using ionising radiation and radiation protection, and a relevant roadmap to protect the health and safety of patients.

The European Cancer Organisation (ECO) has been invited to help bring together a patient panel to find out patient views on the topic and are looking for representatives of the tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis patient communities to come forward to participate in a series of short roundtables. These will gather views on issues such as the ethical issues involved in procedures involving ionising radiation and communication of risk to patients.

The first introductory event will take place this month. Anyone who is interested in taking part should contact: