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Healthy Lungs for Life: Vienna 2024

Our Healthy Lungs for Life campaign will also be coming to Vienna. We have a range of activities that will focus on the importance of looking after our lungs. We will be holding a public lung function testing event and sessions in schools, and running “TaketheActiveOption.” Find out more about our Vienna events below.

About the event

The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign is run by the European Lung Foundation (ELF) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS). The campaign is aimed at everyone whether you have a lung condition or not. It focusses on five key themes to raise awareness of the best ways we can keep our lungs healthy and reduce the amount of lung disease experienced by people worldwide.

We are working together with local stakeholders, adjusting the activities to meet the needs of the city of Vienna. Our local stakeholders are;

  • The Educational Board of Vienna
  • The University of Vienna
  • Local patient groups
  • Local organisations who have helped organising the events.


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