A public awareness campaign targeting people working in the market places of Ghana has taken place thanks to a grant from the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign.

There are poor waste disposal systems in Ghana, particularly in market places, leading traders to dispose of rubbish by burning it in open spaces. This pollutes the air and together with fumes from vehicles and other factors, puts people at risk of developing lung diseases. People who work in market places spend more than half their day in the market for their livelihood and this puts them at a higher risk of developing lung conditions compared to other members of the population.

The Healthy Lungs for Life grant was used to raise awareness of air quality, quitting smoking, physical activity and the need to get vaccinated against lung infections. The St John of God College of Health located in Duayaw Nkwanta, Ghana, organised three days of activities centred on World Lung Day in September 2021.

Events included:

  • a radio talk show and announcements;
  • sharing a video of a forum discussion on the campaign topics on the community YouTube channel and other social media channels; and
  • a day of street events, which included a march through the town, megaphone announcements sharing messages on lung health and handing out information flyers.

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