A range of events, funded by a Healthy Lungs for Life grant, were held across Nepal to mark World Lung Day 2021.

Events targeted members of the public, schools and policy makers and highlighted the four themes of the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign: Breathe Clean Air, Be Smoke Free, Take the Active Option and Vaccinate.

Campaign events

  • 35 young people from Kathmandu took part in a Walk and Talk event which raised awareness of the importance of physical activity for lung health.
  • 30 people took part in a 3-hour training session focusing on the importance of yoga and meditation for lung health. Participants, including members of the public and community health volunteers, helped to raise awareness of the importance of activity for lung health.
  • 20 people from a rural municipality of the Kavre district took part in a focus group and discussion about the importance of healthy lungs and ways they can avoid risk factors.
  • An online art competition asked participants to provide an original piece of art or a video on any of the campaign themes: respiratory health during COVID-19, air quality, stopping smoking, and physical activity. Five winners were selected from 17 entries, with the winning entrants awarded with certificates, prize money and campaign t-shirts.
  • A video from healthcare professionals targeted young people and shared messages about the importance of healthy lungs. It covered topics such as e-cigarettes, tobacco and smoking as well as COVID-19. The video reached around 1,000 people on social media.
  • A policy document was submitted to the to the Ministry of Health and Population and Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) by the team from Healthy Lungs Nepal, highlighting important themes from the campaign.
  • 40 students from the Sudhurpaschim school took part in an essay writing competition. The topic was healthy lungs and the best essay won a prize.

You can find out more about the Healthy Lungs Nepal campaign on their social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/healthylungnep

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthyLungsNepal

Read the full report and see photos from the activities.