A training workshop for professionals and a series of spirometry camps for the public were organised in Pakistan by the Helping Hands Foundation. The events, which were held in July 2019, aimed to raise awareness of spirometry and test the lungs of members of the public.

The ‘Hands-on spirometry workshop’ aimed to raise awareness among young professionals about spirometry and its significance in the diagnosis of asthma. It taught early career doctors how to conduct a spirometry test, and involved training on the implications and interpretation of the results.

During the six spirometry camps, 295 tests on members of the public were conducted. Participants also took part in a seminar on ‘Clean Air for Lungs’ and information stalls were available.

Pakistan ranks among the top 20 most polluted countries in the world, with gas emissions, smoke and soot all contributing to pollution in the country. With this in mind, there is a need to raise awareness of ways to prevent lung disease and promote lung health.

Key facilitator, Professor Dr Ghulam Mustafa, said: “As we are suffering an increasing population and shortage of health facilities, we need to not only raise a voice for the importance of vital tests like spirometry but also perform it publicly. To introduce these modern techniques for the wider public with respect and dignity is the aim of Helping Hands Foundation. We are hopeful to extend the services to South Punjab. The Helping Hands Foundation aims to introduce quality diagnosis services in future too.”

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