Recent data suggests that more than 1 in 10 adults in the country are living with COPD. However, there is limited access to spirometry services. The events were aimed at raising awareness and encouraging more people to look after their lungs.

Events included:

  • An information event was held in Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City. 40 participants attended the event to learn about COVID-19, respiratory infections and respiratory health.
  • An online art and video competition was held, with participants invited to submit entries on the themes of lung health during COVID-19, air quality and stopping smoking. The winning entry was posted on social media and helped to increase engagement with the Healthy Lungs Nepal and Nepal Public Health Students Society.
  • Over 800 people received face coverings and hand sanitiser at an event that was held in the suburb area of Itahari Metropolitan city. The event also focused on sharing information on the importance of lung health.

The events were organised by Healthy Lungs Nepal, which aims to raise awareness of lung health, promote and advocate evidence-based programmes and policies to prevent lung diseases and promote lung health in Nepal.

Read the full report of the events.

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